Hercules – No, not the Disney one, the one with The Rock: A Review of Mythical Proportions

The Rock is HERCULES

The Rock is HERCULES

I recently saw Hercules on a whim with my buddy Chris. As Brazle would say, it was a movie. Strangely, I would recommend it. It’s basically entertaining. Aaaand….

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The Dark Frigate: A Roystering and Recherche Review

The Dark Frigate coverOKLAHOMA CITY – I recently completed Charles Boardman Hawes’ 1924 Newbery Award winning novel, The Dark Frigate. If you enjoy brisk, swashbuckling, well-written young adult adventures, then I recommend it. If thou dislike ye olde archaic Englishe, mayhap thou wouldst discover thyself served better if thou didst peruse some alternate volume. More on this later.
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EVO 2014: The World’s Greatest Evo Recap

Click here for my beginner’s guide to Evo 2014 and the FGC.

Evo 2014 | Feel the hype.

Evo 2014 | Feel the hype. (PHOTO BY DAVID ZHOU | POLYGON)

So, Evo 2014 is over. It was mostly amazing. I’ve decided to give grades to things that stood out most to me. These grades are objectively correct.

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EVO 2014: A Beginner’s Guide to the Greatest Video Game Tournament in the World

Get focused - it's EVO.

Get focused – it’s EVO. (PHOTO BY DAVID ZHOU | POLYGON)

OKLAHOMA CITY – EVO (short for Evolution Championship Series) is not just the greatest fighting game tournament in the world, but it is also the greatest video game tournament, period. Every year, fighters from around the globe converge on Las Vegas to test their mettle against the very best players on the planet. To be the best, gamers must out-perform all others on titles including Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee and many others. It is an exceptionally hype event.
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Swords and Arrows – Overview, Analysis, Strategy

Cover photoSnapshot

Swords and Arrows is a medieval square-based TBS game featuring beautiful hand-drawn artwork. It provides a very simple-yet-deep experience with fewer units than any other TBS game. However, it includes a unique “Research” component which allows players to research tactics to strengthen their armies. Multiplayer is available through GameCenter and allows for 1v1 or free-for-alls up to 6 players. Team play has been hinted for a future update. Map creation is available for pass-and-play.
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Edge of Tomorrow – A Good Review of a Good Movie

edge-of-tomorrow-poster3Kris, Cary, Brazle, Nick and I saw Edge of Tomorrow Monday night. I had no desire to watch it until Kris said he’d go. Then I was all in. He never gets to go watch stuff, so I had to be there “just for the epicness” as Cary put it. Ultimately, I’m glad I went because it is a very fun movie and much better than I expected.
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Front Wars – Overview, Analysis, Strategy

FW main menuSnapshot

Front Wars is a cartoony WW2 square-based game that is easy-to-learn but hard to master. If you are familiar with the Advance Wars series, you will be right at home with Front Wars, as this game is heavily inspired by those titles. It features multiplayer matchmaking via GameCenter and Facebook. 1v1 matches are currently available, and GameCenter features a live leaderboard of all registered players.
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