Silhouettes: Now Available and Coming Soon To iTunes

My new album, “Silhouettes”, is now available on and will soon be coming to iTunes.  This release marks the first time I’ve recorded and produced a set of songs that are wholly original, and it also marks the first time I’ve recorded and produced my own tunes with a band.  Getting some of the best musicians in the Midwest to play on my album is a mind-blowing experience, in a good way.  It seems like people often speak about how humbling it was to work with this person or that person – now I see why.  It is humbling to hear these talented individuals apply the sum of their musical experience and knowledge to my songs.  So rewarding.

If you are new to my music, this is the third album I’ve released now, but Silhouettes doesn’t sound at all like my previous CD’s.  If you heard anything I released prior, you might be expecting another piano/vocals “jazz” album.  This is not a jazz album.  It does have some jazz flavors (like the Rhodes solo at the end of the title track), but in the end, it’s a pop/rock record.

Having written all that, here’s a little background on each song from the album.

1.  Handful of Romance – This is a song inspired by a visit to the movies after a relationship ended painfully.  The music has a driving quality to it – total jam from the whole band.

2. Let’s Kiss – One of my oldest songs.  Celebrates kissing.  One of MusictheBerto‘s fav songs of mine.  Let’s call it a night….

3. We’re Not Even Talking – Like track 1, inspired by relationship woes.  Don’t remember when I wrote the words, but it was probably really late at night.  I usually write words and music simultaneously, but in this case I wrote the music separately.  Good job by Brine Webb for sliding some foam under the strings for this one.  This one rocks.

4. Diamond in the Rough – We’ve all looked or we’re all looking for that diamond in the rough.  Nice classical guitar flourishes by Matt Stansberry!  Different from the other songs b/c Jeff Hall moves from drums to percussion on this one.  Nice job by him, capturing a multi-ethnic tone palatte.

5. What Did She Do Wrong? – This song has a whistle solo at the end.  That’s right, a whistle solo.  Step off!!

6. Home At Last – I used to have a very long drive to and from work.  I wrote the verse/chorus pretty much as you hear it when I was pulling into my garage at the end of a particularly tiring day.  A very relaxing song, this cut features some beautiful guitar sounds from Matt, gorgeous bass from Brine, and nice tight drums from Jeff.

7. Silhouettes – This song has a cool groove; very busy drums and lyrics mixed with smooth, legato tones elsewhere.  Thanks to Herbie Hancock for inspiring the Rhodes solo toward the end.

Get yourself a copy of Silhouettes here, and look for it on iTunes soon.  I will update as soon as it’s available digitally.

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