Argo: An Extremely Thrilling Review of an Extremely Thrilling Movie

I saw Argo a few weeks ago with my friend Matthew A. Brazle.  It was a great movie.  In fact, I believe it is my favorite movie of the year.  It is rated R and has lots of swearing, so if you prefer your movies have a smaller dose of F-bombs, you might skip it.  All in all, though, it is very enjoyable and entertaining.  Despite the greatness of the flick, I’ve been avoiding writing my review for one reason – there really isn’t much to say.  It seems to be just a great thriller.

Bill Simmons, one of my favorite sports writers, once wrote a piece about Tiger Woods entitled “Tiger Woods: What Can You Say?“.  The piece was about how mechanical Tiger was and how he seemed to be living the perfect life, and that there was nothing to say other than he seemed like an alien sent to Earth to destroy every living person at the game of golf.


Fast-forward a few years.  One crazy Thanksgiving-eve episode, 20+ mistresses, a failed marriage, and a not-so-dominant return to the game following his latest knee surgery and suddenly, there is a lot to say about Tiger.  Simmons himself wrote a superb piece analyzing all the possible theories surrounding that fateful Thanksgiving-eve night and what might have actually gone down. Maybe the lesson we can learn from Tiger is that there is always more to every story.  Who knows??  Maybe one day Argo will be discovered to have sustained multiple movie mistresses while being married to a beautiful Swedish nanny film?????  It could happen, right??  RIGHT?????

Okay, so, since I get paid the big bucks to write these things, I knew I needed to come up with something interesting, so here are three points that might be more substantive than me just writing “It’s a great thriller”.

  1. Ben Affleck might be the real story. I took a quick look at Affleck’s imdb director’s credits and found that he has made three feature-length films.  Somehow, I never heard of the first one, Gone Baby Gone.  It is very highly rated.  Next came The Town, which I heard was good and which is also highly rated.  That brings us to Argo which is easily the highest rated of his three highly rated films.  You know how Christopher Nolan made the Batman movies, The Prestige, and Inception and suddenly you wanted to go watch his earlier movies to see what you might’ve missed?  Well, I think Argo might be Ben Affleck’s Batman Begins.  I am tempted to think of Affleck as a burgeoning director, but his resume suggests otherwise.  It seems that he has been making good films since his directing debut, and perhaps Argo will force people to see him as more than Matt Damon’s sidekick or “the guy who dated Jennifer Lopez”.
  2. Apparently the film was shot in three distinct styles.  I go to church with a talented filmmaker named Andrew Patterson, and he shed some light on the film that one might find interesting.  Two, three, four, five, eleven, six thousand and nine, and twelve trillion might also find it interesting.  He pointed out that the film was shot in three distinct ways for each of its three settings.  I find this incredibly cool.  The shots of the CIA office were designed to look/feel like All the President’s Men, while the shots in Hollywood and Iran were each shot to have equally distinctive characteristics.  I definitely noticed the connection to All the President’s Men, but I did not notice the other distinct styles.  I need to watch it again to see what he was talking about.  When you see the movie, watch for it.  As a sidenote: most people love trivia, so maybe you can impress your friends, family, and co-workers with the “Argo has different styles” tidbit and maybe even your boss and subsequently get a raise and then you can give me a portion of your newfound wealth!  Yay!
  3. Ben Affleck looks like Chuck Norris.   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so go watch Argo. It’s a great thriller.  It has lots of swearing.  It will make you want to watch Affleck’s backlog of movies.  It was shot in distinct styles.  Ben Affleck looks like Chuck Norris.  Maybe there was more to say about the film than I realized.

Grant Stevens is on the fast-track to becoming easily to most widely read writer in the entire world.  He is a major proponent for the correct use of the word “ironic”, and he loves basketball.  In fact, he loves basketball so much that he once actually became a basketball, which was weird.  He hopes to discover Atlantis and start an NBA team there called the Atlantis Submersibles.  Check out his music stuff here:

3 thoughts on “Argo: An Extremely Thrilling Review of an Extremely Thrilling Movie

  1. Grant,

    Thanks for another cool, funny review. The movie will not be on my “to see” list becasue I do not want to pay good money and/or support expletives being spewed out. I am curious now about the three different styles. Maybe you can find out exactly how those look and enlighten your fans. Keep up the highly entertaining reviews!

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