Frozen: A Review Of This Year’s Chilliest Children’s Movie (Which Is Also Good For Adults)


From the studio that brought you Opulent and Recherche comes a whole new adventure…

From the studio that brought you Tangled and Brave comes a whole new fairy tale movie with an adjective for a name: Frozen!! I liked the movie, but personally, the movies to which I’m looking forward are Unparsimonious, Legubrious, and Metaphysically Necessary. I’m also waiting with bated breath for Small, Nice, and, my favorite, Rotund. Sadly, I’m afraid it will take several years for all those to be made. Alas. For now, let’s talk about Frozen.

But seriously, wouldn’t The Snow Queen have been a more interesting name? Moving forward.

People have been touting this movie as a return to what made Disney great in the 90’s. I’ve heard comparisons to The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and several other now-classic Disney hits. I think these comparisons are a bridge too far. While it is an enjoyable flick, Frozen seems a tad contrived compared to the true Disney masterpieces.  And there’s not enough character development. And a few of the lighting effects are dingy and un-inspiring. And some of the voices are unclear or nearly totally unintelligible. BTW, I’m also fervently hoping for a production of Unintelligible. What a great fairy tale that would be.

But enough negativity. In my mind, the main question is, as always, should you see this movie. I say a hearty “yes” – you should see this. While I wouldn’t rank it as one of Disney’s best, there are still some things to really, really like.

1. The setting – it’s cool to watch a film set among fjords and traditional Scandinavian topography. Two seasons are shown in the film – summer and winter. The summer shots are gorgeous. Actually, I could have paused the movie and spent several minutes taking in the landscape around Arendelle. Extremely effective. The winter shots range from boring white (I mean, it is “The Snow Queen”, after all) to brilliant. I especially like the treatment of the snowflakes and ice – the artists really captured their crystalline beauty.


Arandelle is breathtaking.

2. The music – I suppose one of the biggest reasons this film is being compared to the greats of the Disney Renaissance is the inclusion of several fun songs. The royal sisters have a few especially robust numbers, and….. that’s all I can remember. Except for the song at the very beginning of the movie which has, sadly, some of the aforementioned unintelligible words. Ohhhh – that’s another great movie idea: Aforementioned. But yeah, the music is really good.

elsa anna

In addition to being of the royal family, these girls are blessed with wonderful singing voices.

3. Humor – Okay… I can’t say this is the funniest Disney show, nor can I say it has any characters destined to attain legendary status like Gus Gus, Kronk or the Genie. But it has enough humor throughout to elicit a chuckle from even the least risible of audiences. Omgosh that’s yet another great movie idea: Risible starring David S. Weiss as King Laughs a Lot and Maxine Beaver as The Royal Weather Lady. One last thing about the humor – there is one character that had the potential to bring down the house, and that’s Oaken, the owner of Oaken’s Trading Post. I was actually disappointed when that scene ended – he is my favorite character.


Oaken is funny, yah?

So those are good things about the movie. Before I close, I feel the need to address one last negative. Actually, this isn’t a negative about Frozen but rather about Get a Horse!, the short preceding it. Something Disney is known for is including material, albeit subtlely, that is right on the line of being too suggestive for children. I especially remember coming away from Get a Horse! thinking that a few of the gags were blatantly perverted. For example, there is a female cow who tries to get the attention of a male cow, so she lifts up her skirt to reveal her udders. Then, the villain of the short falls for Minnie Mouse, and his attraction to her is represented by a dotted line aimed from his eyes directly at her chest.

November 1st, 2013 @ 20:49:50

There’s nothing offensive about Olaf.

Of course, the Mouse Guys would never admit that any of this was intentional or sanctioned, but there are so many examples of raunchy material in their works that is almost seems like someone over there enjoys putting in little dirty moments, as though no one will notice. I might be reading too much into those moments, but it seems to be worth mentioning. IMPORTANT NOTE: Some people actually look for perverted stuff in Disney’s films. I actually miss most things, so if I notice something it’s probably pretty brazen.

All in all, I recommend Frozen as a family-friendly film that most people will enjoy very much. It has a great setting, good music, and a nice amount of humor. There are some elements that seem contrived, dingy, and lacking, but I don’t think those are enough to keep me from recommending this. BUT – I will say, this film isn’t one you must see in theaters. I would actually recommend watching it at home and saving a few bucks if possible.

One last movie idea – Redundant starring Christian Bale as Prince Prince and Jennifer Lawrence as Princess Princess. Great idea!!

Grant Stevens is a gentleman and a scholar who comes down off his lofty perch to write sage movie reviews for all the laypeople of the world. He also does music stuff, and he is the founder and President of the Use Ironic Correctly Society.  He’s also a Christian and enjoys the apologetics of William Lane Craig. Good timez!!

2 thoughts on “Frozen: A Review Of This Year’s Chilliest Children’s Movie (Which Is Also Good For Adults)

  1. My friend saw this movie and was excited that it had won an Academy Award for Best Animated Movie, so I remembered that you had written a review of it. Since reading your aforementioned review, noow if I see it, I will know what to look for, especially the humorous parts! I got a kick out of your ideas for movies! Keep up the great work!!!!

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