Edge of Tomorrow – A Good Review of a Good Movie

edge-of-tomorrow-poster3Kris, Cary, Brazle, Nick and I saw Edge of Tomorrow Monday night. I had no desire to watch it until Kris said he’d go. Then I was all in. He never gets to go watch stuff, so I had to be there “just for the epicness” as Cary put it. Ultimately, I’m glad I went because it is a very fun movie and much better than I expected.

If you’re like me, you can only endure so many Tom Cruise flicks. I don’t have anything against Cruise personally (I know some people can’t stand his personal life), but his acting has become so formulaic by now that I don’t need to see his films to know what’s going to happens. I mean, he has only so many variations on a theme, and after recently watching “Tom Cruise in a sci-fi movie” in Oblivion, I wasn’t eager to endure that same shtick again.

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Tom Cruise is Major Cage

Tom Cruise is Major Cage

The beautiful thing about Edge of Tomorrow is that Cruise isn’t the indomitable hero. Instead, he’s a spoiled, pampered, soft media darling who uses his role as army recruiter to avoid seeing any real action. So, this isn’t just “Tom Cruise in a sci-fi flick.” It’s “Tom Cruise as a wuss in a sci-fi flick.” That’s something new!

Simply not seeing Cruise play an outrageous hero is refreshing. His performance brought back memories of “spoiled/arrogant Tom Cruise” movies like Top Gun and Rain Man, two of his more effective films. You know, I like spoiled/arrogant Tom Cruise! His face just works for that, and he’s great at being a sympathetic character despite his obnoxious character flaws. And when his character learns to be a better person, it’s like we just witnessed a beautiful transformation. So yeah – I like Tom Cruise in this.

The interior of the dropship looks really cool.

The interior of the dropship looks really cool.

Oh, and before I forget – somehow, I was able to watch Cruise on screen without it feeling like I was just watching Tom Cruise act. I actually started associating his character’s name with him (Major Cage) which I something I never do in Tom Cruise films. So that is extremely important to note!!!!

Other than all the junk with Tom Cruise, I liked Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton and the rest of the gang. They play their roles with professionalism and verve. One small complaint is that the soldiers Cruise encounters are weird. Specifically, when he is sent to J Company to fight, the characters/actors seem off.

Seventeen days? Hey man, I don't wanna rain on your parade, but we're not gonna last seventeen hours!

Seventeen days? Hey man, I don’t wanna rain on your parade, but we’re not gonna last seventeen hours!

This doesn’t ruin the movie by any stretch, but I did find J Company to be the worst part of the film. However, by the end of the movie, Stockholm syndrome was in full effect, so I was starting to like those goofy soldiers. Whatever.

Besides the acting/characters, the biggest thing that stands out regarding EoT is the story. In the film, Cruise’s character gets sent to the front lines and, through a series of events, finds himself caught in a repeated-day situation. Yes, the film is dripping with Groundhog’s Day, but honestly, who didn’t like Groundhog’s Day? I mean, besides Nick?

Hey, it's that guy!

I arbitrarily send Tom Cruise to his death, and I’m a mormon.

But seriously, the idea of a second chance is extremely compelling. Most people have something in their lives they’d like to be able to do over, and watching “repeating day” movies lets us imagine how great that would be. Edge of Tomorrow scratches the “do-over” itch very nicely.

But, what really makes it different from Groundhog’s Day is that the “do-over” isn’t the whole entire point of the story. Rather, it is a unique mechanism used to tell an alien invasion story. Of course, the alien invasion story isn’t all that special, and the repeating-day motif isn’t new, but the sum of the parts is greater than the whole…what?

I'm preggers, but that won't stop me from killing all the bad guys!! LOL!!

I’m preggers, but that won’t stop me from killing all the bad guys!! LOL!!

How does that saying go? The end result is better than if you add those two things together but separately! Ugh that’s not it at all. Now I have to look this up.

Got it – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts! I think that has to be one of the most mangled phrases ever to exist in the English language. But yes, as it concerns Edge of Tomorrow, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.



In closing, Edge of Tomorrow is a sci-fi film with a unique story with enjoyable acting. And Tom Cruise is back to one of his best characters, spoiled/pampered Tom Cruise! So, that’s great. While the film doesn’t break new ground, it is fun, exciting, and a little inspiring. All the guys I watched it with liked it, and so did I. I give it a 7/10 and recommend it for anyone.

Grant Stevens loves epicness, baroniality and palatinism!!! When not writing amazing stuff, he enjoys apologetics and music, and he chairs the Use Ironic Correctly Society.

4 thoughts on “Edge of Tomorrow – A Good Review of a Good Movie

    • Funny you should say that – After the movie, when we were standing around talking about it, I told everyone that I kept waiting for the movie to switch to two little kids playing an old 8-bit Nintendo game called!! Sadly, it didn’t happen. Alas.

  1. There is a nagging thought about this movie in the back of my mind: Namely – Where is the armor? Why don’t the good guys have tanks? APCs? Where are the destroyers, cruisers, aircraft carriers giving support to the battle? Where are the spectre gunships, F-35s, stealth bombers, etc?!?!? Do we run out of these things in the future? Why do we only have transport planes and helicopters, and little dudes in mech suits? All in all though, great movie, very fun to watch. Anytime I go to a movie, the epicness is out of control!

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