Hercules – No, not the Disney one, the one with The Rock: A Review of Mythical Proportions

The Rock is HERCULES

The Rock is HERCULES

I recently saw Hercules on a whim with my buddy Chris. As Brazle would say, it was a movie. Strangely, I would recommend it. It’s basically entertaining. Aaaand….


There’s not a ton else to say. The Rock is The Rock. It has really good action sequences. I liked some of the cinematography. I liked that many of the sets were practical rather than CGI. It has what has to be one of the top 25 most unnecessary F-bombs. (Those are always fun.) Hmmmm…..let’s see, I already said the thing about the cinematography.

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The Rock is still HERCULES

The Rock is still HERCULES

You know, there just really isn’t too much to be said. This movie is nearly entirely forgettable. I think the best part is something I can’t even discuss because I hate to ever include spoilers. Just know that the ending is pretty good (though predictable). At the end of the day, I think it’s a really fun movie, and I would offer it to anyone looking for a picture that doesn’t require much thought. I would also particularly suggest it for boys. But I should say, most people might think it’s pretty mediocre, so don’t have super high expectations. Okay, that’s it. Hercules. It’s a movie.

This wasn't the poster in the USA, but I like it better than what we got.

This wasn’t the poster in the USA, but I like it better than what we got.

Since I didn’t have much to say about Hercules, I want to discuss my favorite The Rock film, The Rundown. I really like that movie. I liked the setting, the humor, the action, Christopher Walken, the opening scene, the fact that Arnold’s in it, the fact that there’re Asians in the South American jungle gangs, the fact that the South American bush pilot is Australian, the action (again), and the fact that it’s basically a clean movie.

Stifler annoys The Rock some more.

Stifler annoys The Rock some more.

I guess The Rock is pretty alright in the Fast and Furious series, and he was okay in that one movie about getting revenge. What was that called? Faster??? (EDITOR’S NOTE: Yep, Faster) Still, I don’t think he’s ever been better than in The Rundown. Will he ever achieve any semblance of actual success as an actor? Who knows? I hope so, but I’m not holding my breath. At the end of the day, I consider him a success if only for The Rundown. So, if you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. It’s dumb. It’s silly. But by golly, it’s fun. And, again, the action is awesome.

I am Christopher Walken!

I am Christopher Walken!

Stifler y Rosario tienen El Gato!!!!

¡¡¡¡Stifler y Rosario tienen El Gato!!!!

Just for the record, I just wrote less than 400 words about TWO movies. I’ve never done that. Better get some canned goods.

Grant Stevens has written for a publication, and he has also written extensively in emails and Facebook posts. He is also El Rey of the Use Ironic Correctly Society. When not writing or being El Rey, he is watching movies, reading, learning languages, playing music, waiting for his leg to heal so he can get back to playing basketball, and lots of other amazing stuff. He is also super duper into apologetics, and he’s really into exploring different translations of the Bible. He thinks you should check out Proverbs 5:19-20 in lots of different translations since there are lots of different words used between the different translations. Intoxicated, captivated, exhilarated, ravished, lost….so many ways to be in love with someone!!!

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