Big Hero 6: An Irrefragable Review


Don’t let this simple poster fool you – Big Hero 6 is a cornucopia of goodness.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Big Hero 6 is the last Marvel movie of the year, and it is great. Not as good as Guardians of the Galaxy, but it is still excellent. The animation is smooth, the music is great, and the story has a lot of heart. I give it a 7.6/10 and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new movie to watch.

By the way, in addition to being a Marvel movie, BH6 is also a Disney movie, and in this reviewer’s opinion, it continues the burgeoning line of high quality Disney digitally animated films to which we’ve become accustomed.

So, if you were to look for negatives, one might point out the occasional rushed story moments. Iwis, though great for adults, this is still primarily a kid’s movie, so some points are told in succinct, broad, and rather heavy-handed terms instead of being nuanced and carefully fleshed-out. No matter – those moments are few and far between, and they allow for imaginations to fill in the capacious gaps, so they do not ultimately hurt the film.

These are the Big Hero 6!!

These are the Big Hero 6!!

Another “negative” one might point to is the fact that the movie has a heavy, sad early story element somewhat akin to the famous opening from Up. Though nowhere nearly as profoundly moving as Up, still, BH6’s opening might make some sad, and if you don’t like a bit of sadness sprinkled in with your action and happiness, well then you might find this a tad difficult to take. But, I think most folks will be fine with it, so I don’t ultimately consider it to be a negative.

Despite those two negatives, Big Hero 6 is a total winner. The film gives the audience everything an animated film should: laughter, tears, exhilaration, excitement, joy, rousing music, creativity, unrealistic action, and fun characters. Really, this movie is like a cross between Guardians of the Galaxy, Up, and The Incredibles. If you like even one of those movies, you’ll like Big Hero 6.

Grant Stevens is a monoglot who is trying to become a hyperpolyglot. In the meantime, he writes movie and book reviews, and he enjoys eating baked bacon. He is also the imperious President of the Use Ironic Correctly Society, so that keeps him pretty busy as well. Oh, and he’s really into apologetics!

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