Batman V Superman predictions

Who will win? Probably not the viewing public.

Who will win? Probably not the viewing public.

OKLAHOMA CITY – I am waiting for my friend Cary to pick me up so we can go watch Batman v Superman.  I had no intention of supporting this movie financially, but I was kind of guilted into doing it by my friend Lauren. So, going into it, I want to make a couple of predictions.

  1. I will hate all the CGI. It goes without saying that superhero movies will have loads of CGI, and it goes without saying that I won’t like it.
  2. I will dislike Henry Cavill. He was bad in Man of Steel, and I do not think he will suddenly be good.
  3. The story will be lame. I know only as much as the previews have told me (which is most of the movie), so I think this is more of something I know for certain rather than a prediction.
  4. After the movie, the question “Why do they keep using Zach Snyder?” will be asked by me, and the answer “Because modern movie standards are really low.” will be given by me. 
  5. I will continue to dislike Amy Adams as Lois Lane. She was unbelievable in Man of Steel, and I think she will be awful in this.
  6. I will try really hard to like Morpheus just so I like SOMEthing. Larry Fishburne wasn’t great as that newspaper guy, but I will try to like him because he’s awesome.
  7. Again, I will despise all the CGI. I have been watching really old movies a lot lately, and I really really love practical effects. I wish superhero movies could be made without CGI. Wait, what’s that about the Dark Knight trilogy? Sparse CGI? Superhero movies? Surely that can’t be!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, it’s time to get moving. Review to follow….

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