The Prince of Egypt: A Preview of My First Viewing

The long wait is over.

I will soon be watching this. The long wait is over.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Nearly four years ago (March 2013) my buddy Brazle and I embarked on a zany journey through Disney’s catalogue of traditionally-animated movies (I cannot believe it has been that long); I called it the Epic Disney Watchfest. We covered something like thirty-five movies in thirty-seven days, starting with The Black Cauldron (we decided to start in the middle of the list of movies and expand outward) and ending with Snow White and The Princess and the Frog. It was indeed epic.

By the end I was exhausted (I was concurrently working my regular day job, so I had to both watch and write in my spare time) but ready for the next project.

At the time, I thought about doing more with the animated concept – ideas like “Epic Pixar Watchfest” or “Epic Studio Ghibli Watchfest” came to mind. Alas, life caught up, so I never got around to fulfilling my hopes and dreams.

My interest in animation continued, though, and since then I’ve caught a few fun traditionally-animated movies (The Road to El Dorado, The Secret of Kells, The Swan Princess, A Cat in Paris) as well as 3D animated features (Rio, Frozen, The Lego Movie, Big Hero 6Inside Out).

I’ve also rewatched a large number of animated movies in Spanish (I’m learning Español and have found that to be a sneaky great way to absorb the language).

But here’s the thing – somehow, despite watching all those animated movies through the years, one of the most renowned ones of all time managed to escape me: The Prince of Egypt.

That changes tonight.

Tonight, Brazle and I will once again meet to watch an animated great, and I feel confident in saying that it will be every bit as epic as the Disney Watchfest. Things will be different: Brazle is married now (it should be noted that this is one of his wife Miriam’s favorite movies), and I have grown older, but I think this will still be one of the all-time great hangouts. We are going to party like it’s 2013.

I’ll see thee on the other side. There WILL be a review.

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