The Fate of the Furious: An Accurate Review

Apparently the producers of this franchise are Calvinists.

OKLAHOMA CITY –  About two months ago I attended a showing of The Fate of the Furious. It was magnificent.

Literally, not figuratively but literally, there is, has never been and probably never will be a finer motion picture than this. It is completely without flaws. Continue reading

Prince of Egypt: My Review; or, Better Late than Never

The Prince of Egypt.

OKLAHOMA CITY – A couple of months ago, I posted a column previewing what would be my first time watching Prince of Egypt. At the end, I wrote that a review would follow.

Nearly three months have elapsed without a review.


Since I wish not to be called a dirty, rotten, no-good, filthy liar, I’m finally making good on that promise. So, all that ado aside, and certainly without further ado, here are my thoughts. Continue reading

The Prince of Egypt: A Preview of My First Viewing

The long wait is over.

I will soon be watching this. The long wait is over.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Nearly four years ago (March 2013) my buddy Brazle and I embarked on a zany journey through Disney’s catalogue of traditionally-animated movies (I cannot believe it has been that long); I called it the Epic Disney Watchfest. We covered something like thirty-five movies in thirty-seven days, starting with Continue reading

Dr. Strange – Yet Another Review of Yet Another Marvel Movie

The impossibilities are endless. Nice tag.

The impossibilities are endless. Nice tag.

OKLAHOMA CITY – If thou art searching for an highly acclaimed motion picture, thou wilt do well in seeking out Dr. Strange. The latest Marvel movie has received high marks indeed, scoring an 8/10 on and a mighty 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Less scintillating but still strong, the film is standing at 72/100 on Metacritic.

In the opinion of this reviewer, such scores are a bit too high. While Dr. Strange is easy on the eyes and largely unobjectionable, in the end it simply is neither great nor highly memorable.

Continue reading

Captain America: Civil War – A Painstaking Review of A Captain America Movie That I Remember As An Ironman Movie

Coming to theaters four months ago.

Coming to theaters three months ago.

OKLAHOMA CITY – My friend Katie said I should write a review of the latest Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War. I’ve not been able to bring myself to write anything as the movie was entirely unremarkable. Today, though, I’ve found myself completely bored and realized I should write up my (sparse) thoughts.
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Batman v Superman: A Punctilious Review

Sweet! A superhero movie! How unique!

Sweet! A superhero movie! How unique!

OKLAHOMA CITY – I finally watched Batman v Superman. At this point, I’m tired of superhero movies and wish they would stop coming for at least a couple of years. Like, I don’t even want to hear about one for awhile. Sure, I loved the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies, the first two Christian Bale Batman movies, and the first Ironman. Oh, and the first couple of X-Men movies were good, too. Continue reading

Batman V Superman predictions

Who will win? Probably not the viewing public.

Who will win? Probably not the viewing public.

OKLAHOMA CITY – I am waiting for my friend Cary to pick me up so we can go watch Batman v Superman.  I had no intention of supporting this movie financially, but I was kind of guilted into doing it by my friend Lauren. So, going into it, I want to make a couple of predictions. Continue reading