Mr. Reliable Strikes Again

Kevin "The Servant" Durant

Kevin “Mr. Reliable” Durant

OKLAHOMA CITY – The clock ticked down and the red hundredths-of-a-second raced by furiously. With a second left, James Johnson attempted a meaningless 50-foot heave. He missed, the horn sounded, and every Oklahoma City fan had the same thought: ‘Three quarters down, up by twenty-one – they won’t blow this lead, right?’
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Serve Up the Grindstone, KD!!

Kevin "The Servant" Durant

Kevin “The Servant” Durant

OKLAHOMA CITY – Heroes are great. You know why? Because they are powerful. They can do things we can’t. Heroes can fly. Heroes can slay enemies with a measly bone. Heroes can single-handedly deliver armies unto victory. They’re AWESOME. That reminds me: Continue reading

Shane in Charge – An Interview With NBA Champion Shane Battier

Greetings from Miami!  The weather here has been great – no rain, lightning, and certainly no THUNDER!  After last night’s game 4 win, I wanted to talk to the man most responsible for the victory, Miami Heat superstar Shane Battier.  He is one of greatest basketball players in the world today simply because he can do it all – score, defend, draw offensive fouls, and make his teammates better.  Though teammate LeBron James was recently named MVP for the third time, and despite Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant being widely regarded as the second-best player (behind James), neither player comes close to having the type of effect Battier does game after game.  While not considered one of basketball’s elite athletes, Battier has developed into a player opposing teams fear and home teams love.  I was lucky enough to catch up with Shane on his off day as the Heat prepare for a potentially NBA Finals-clinching game 5.  Here’s what he had to say. Continue reading