Front Wars Update: 2-27-15

The Navy is coming!

The Navy is coming! Just not through that bridge!

OKLAHOMA CITY – Five days ago, Gregory Challant delivered one of the most exciting Front Wars updates yet! If you simply read the update description, you will not immediately gather the mother lode of treats he delivered. The 64.4 MB update simply stated:
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Front Wars Update: 8-22-14

FW airplane 2

Check out the newly updated Front Wars on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Front Wars dev Gregory Challant is releasing yet another update to his ultra-fun turn-based strategy game. This time around, Challant is releasing several big changes including improved AI, a revamped and expanded single-player campaign, and general bug fixes. This all in conjunction with keeping the still-delightful multiplayer intact.

For more information, check out my Front Wars review and strategy page. If you like strategy games, you should download Front Wars for iOS, Android or Windows Phone today. It’s great. 🙂

There's no better time to go BOOM than now. Download Front Wars today.

There’s no better time to go BOOM than now. Download Front Wars today.

Swords and Arrows – Overview, Analysis, Strategy

Cover photoSnapshot

Swords and Arrows is a medieval square-based TBS game featuring beautiful hand-drawn artwork. It provides a very simple-yet-deep experience with fewer units than any other TBS game. However, it includes a unique “Research” component which allows players to research tactics to strengthen their armies. Multiplayer is available through GameCenter and allows for 1v1 or free-for-alls up to 6 players. Team play has been hinted for a future update. Map creation is available for pass-and-play.
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Front Wars – Overview, Analysis, Strategy

FW main menuSnapshot

Front Wars is a cartoony WW2 square-based game that is easy-to-learn but hard to master. If you are familiar with the Advance Wars series, you will be right at home with Front Wars, as this game is heavily inspired by those titles. It features multiplayer matchmaking via GameCenter and Facebook. 1v1 matches are currently available, and GameCenter features a live leaderboard of all registered players.
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