What I’m Reading and What’s in the Queue 9/16/14

September 16, Tuesday

I’ve discovered that I accumulate books much faster than I can read them. So, at any given moment, I tend to have ONE book I’m reading and about fifteen I plan to get to. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Anyway, my slothfulness means that you can easily keep up with my reading, read the same books I am, and then compare your thoughts with mine when I write a new review.

So, here is just a quick list of some of the books I’m reading and have queued up to read. NOTE: I’m including links to purchase these items from Amazon, the same place I purchase nearly all my books.

Happy reading – we’ve got a lot of good stuff ahead!!

Currently reading:

Alas, Babylon – classic story about survival in the aftermath of nuclear war. Click to purchase.
El Capitán Alatriste – this is a recent historical fiction about a famous man of fortune in 17th century Spain. I’m learning Spanish, so I’m slowly reading this in Español. It’s also available in English. Click to purchase (English). Click to purchase (Spanish).

In the queue:

Lights Out – this is another survival-type story. Apparently it has some rough language, so beware. Click to purchase.
Journey to the Center of the Earth – Jules Verne’s classic. Click to purchase.
All Sail Set – A swashbuckling adventure. Not exactly sure what it’s about, but it is supposed to be a fun historical novel. Click to purchase.
The Young Carthaginian – Historical fiction from G.A. Henty. Novel geared toward young men, very informative about the period when Hannibal lived. Click to purchase.

There’s other books not on the list. I’ll add them when I get closer to taking them up.