Epic Disney Watchfest Recap: The Most Comprehensively Comprehensive Recap Ever

So, the Epic Disney Watchfest has come to an end. It’s so sad!!! Continue reading

Epic Disney Watchfest 7: The Jungle Book and Aladdin: A Better Review Than Any Genie Could Ever Write

Hayley, Brazle and I screened The Jungle Book and Aladdin last night. Great stuff.  Let’s get right into the reviews.

The Jungle Book


The Jungle Book is a great movie.

The Jungle Book is a really fun movie. In case you haven’t seen it, the film tells the tale of Mowgli, a human baby who is abandoned and raised by wolves deep in the jungles of India. When the wolves get word that the tiger Shere Khan is coming back to the jungle, they decide Mowgli must go live in the man-village; Bagheera the panther decides to take him there. Along the way, they meet up with Baloo the bear, and that’s when the story really picks up. The story is lighthearted compared to newer Disney films ie Beauty and the Beast, but like most of Disney’s best work, it has awesome songs and memorable characters. The jungle artwork is also really attractive. Overall, I would give this movie a 7.6/10, mostly due to the extremely awesome lineup of songs. Continue reading