The Prince of Egypt: A Preview of My First Viewing

The long wait is over.

I will soon be watching this. The long wait is over.

OKLAHOMA CITY –¬†Nearly four years ago (March 2013) my buddy Brazle and I embarked on a zany journey through Disney’s catalogue of traditionally-animated movies (I cannot believe it has been that long); I called it the Epic Disney Watchfest. We covered something like thirty-five movies in thirty-seven days, starting with Continue reading

Epic Disney Watchfest 4: The Little Mermaid: A Review Dripping With Whatever It Takes To Be The Best

The_Little_MermaidIn order to write this movie review, I just had to turn off my podcast about Planck Time, quantum theories of gravity and apologetics. So if my points and topics seem especially esoteric and meta-ish, that’s why. ūüôā Last night, Brazle, Casey and I gathered to watch¬†The Little Mermaid. ¬†Casey brought her totally legit copy of the movie that was not¬†in an orange jewel case and that did¬†not¬†have “The Little Mermaid” written on it in Magic Marker. That was a clutch move by her. But even if she hadn’t brought her copy, I would’ve gladly paid to rent it, for this movie isn’t just a good animated film – it’s an¬†unqualifiably¬†great movie. I’m getting the red line of¬†misspelling¬†for “unqualifiably”, but I don’t care – this movie is so good I’ll gladly make up words to describe it (let’s just say it’s in homage to the way Scuttle makes up names for human stuff).¬†Anyway, I would give this movie an 8.1/10 – it has memorable characters, good pacing, attractive aesthetics and, most of all, fantastic songs. Continue reading