The Prince of Egypt: A Preview of My First Viewing

The long wait is over.

I will soon be watching this. The long wait is over.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Nearly four years ago (March 2013) my buddy Brazle and I embarked on a zany journey through Disney’s catalogue of traditionally-animated movies (I cannot believe it has been that long); I called it the Epic Disney Watchfest. We covered something like thirty-five movies in thirty-seven days, starting with Continue reading

Epic Disney Watchfest 4: The Little Mermaid: A Review Dripping With Whatever It Takes To Be The Best

The_Little_MermaidIn order to write this movie review, I just had to turn off my podcast about Planck Time, quantum theories of gravity and apologetics. So if my points and topics seem especially esoteric and meta-ish, that’s why. 🙂 Last night, Brazle, Casey and I gathered to watch The Little Mermaid.  Casey brought her totally legit copy of the movie that was not in an orange jewel case and that did not have “The Little Mermaid” written on it in Magic Marker. That was a clutch move by her. But even if she hadn’t brought her copy, I would’ve gladly paid to rent it, for this movie isn’t just a good animated film – it’s an unqualifiably great movie. I’m getting the red line of misspelling for “unqualifiably”, but I don’t care – this movie is so good I’ll gladly make up words to describe it (let’s just say it’s in homage to the way Scuttle makes up names for human stuff). Anyway, I would give this movie an 8.1/10 – it has memorable characters, good pacing, attractive aesthetics and, most of all, fantastic songs. Continue reading