The Greatest Review of “Gulliver’s Travels” EVER

I finally finished Gulliver’s Travels. Here’s the thing – I know it’s a renowned work of tremendous historical significance, but golly gosh is it boring. That’s why it took me nearly two months to get through it. Two months!! It’s a 226-page book and it took me two months! I usually knock those back in a matter of days. Whatever.

In the end, should you read it? Should you slog through Jonathan Swift’s masterpiece, culturing yourself up? Those are great questions; I’m glad I asked them. In an effort to be balanced and equitable, I’ve developed several arguments for reading it and several arguments against reading it and arranged said arguments into two lists. I’m pretty sure these lists will completely and definitively solve the question of should you or should you not read Gulliver’s Travels, and you’re welcome. Here they are:
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Super Crazy Epic Disney Movie Time: Prepare Yourselves

disneyPrepare yourselves – the beginning is near. More precisely, the beginning of my and Brazle’s epic journey through the entirety of the Disney traditionally-animated movie catalog. Here’s the plan: there are 38 core feature-length films on the list. We already watched Hercules with our buddy Cary, so that one is checked-off. That leaves 37 films through which we will plow. We both agreed it would be interesting to compare the earliest animation with the most recent, so we decided to start in the middle. That would be film #19, The Black Cauldron (which also might be the weakest film on the list – we shall see). From there, we will watch two films in each sitting, one working toward the earliest releases and the other working toward the latest. I made the executive decision to nix the early “double feature” movies like that Caballeros movie, the Ichabod movie etc. After cutting those out, we should arrive at the end of our journey with Snow White and The Princess and the Frog. This will be epic. And if that isn’t epic enough, Brazle is flying to Belgium on April 1st, so we have 21 days to watch 37 movies. I can’t wait.

One last thing: I’m going to be chronicling this whole experience throughout, so check back regularly for updates and my awesome thoughts on each and every Disney traditionally animated movies.

Okay, Brazle and Hayley are here. Time for The Black Cauldron. So buckle up and hang on – this is going to be a very cute, precious, adorable and awesome ride. Peace.