Frozen: A Review Of This Year’s Chilliest Children’s Movie (Which Is Also Good For Adults)


From the studio that brought you Opulent and Recherche comes a whole new adventure…

From the studio that brought you Tangled and Brave comes a whole new fairy tale movie with an adjective for a name: Frozen!! I liked the movie, but personally, the movies to which I’m looking forward are Unparsimonious, Legubrious, and Metaphysically Necessary. I’m also waiting with bated breath for Small, Nice, and, my favorite, Rotund. Sadly, I’m afraid it will take several years for all those to be made. Alas. For now, let’s talk about Frozen. Continue reading

Epic Disney Watchfest Recap: The Most Comprehensively Comprehensive Recap Ever

So, the Epic Disney Watchfest has come to an end. It’s so sad!!! Continue reading