The Fate of the Furious: An Accurate Review

Apparently the producers of this franchise are Calvinists.

OKLAHOMA CITY –  About two months ago I attended a showing of The Fate of the Furious. It was magnificent.

Literally, not figuratively but literally, there is, has never been and probably never will be a finer motion picture than this. It is completely without flaws. Continue reading

Furious 7

One last ride.

One last ride.

OKLAHOMA CITY – I recently watched Furious 7 with Brazle, Ryan, Miriam, Miriam’s sister and Krystin, and as expected, it is, along with the previous six installments, the greatest movie ever made. The acting, music, script, action, cinematography and family motifs were all the best that this world has ever been able to, can currently or will ever be able to produce. To top it all, the film features a touching sendoff to Paul Walker. In short, this movie is literally the greatest ever.
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