Epic Disney Watchfest 14: Cinderella and Atlantis The Lost Empire: A Review That Will Never Sink To The Bottom Of The Ocean Or Turn Into A Pumpkin

No intro!! Just reviews!! (Wait, does this count as an intro?)



Who doesn’t like fun and magic??

Quick – what do CinderellaDie HardAladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black PearlBeauty and the Beast, Star WarsThe Lion KingBatman BeginsAlien, Raiders of the Lost ArkToy Story, The Terminator, The Little MermaidRockyIce Age and Jurassic Park have objectively in common Continue reading

Epic Disney Watchfest 11: Lady and the Tramp & Mulan: The Pinnacle of Movie Reviews

If you are just joining us, please check out this page for info on what this is all about. My buddy Mattress commented recently that he would have to be paid a boatload of money to run through all these Disney movies like I’m doing. I said, “Why do you think I’m doing it???” and then admitted there was actually no boatload of cash. In reality, this process has been pretty crazy but also really fun. I mean, I’ve never watched 35 movies in 20 days. It’s zany and awesome. So zany and awesome, in fact, that I’m already looking for others similar undertakings to undertake. But, despite the ultra-amazingness that is this Epic Disney Watchfest, I can’t help but think that a moment will come where I can’t watch another single traditionally-animated film. It hasn’t quite happened yet, and that’s probably because we’re hitting the stretch of absolute Disney classics. But still, I feel like another shoe is going to drop any day now. We shall see. As things stand, it has been a really enjoyable ride, and I’m glad you’ve joined in with me. On to the reviews!!

Lady and the Tramp


Lady and Tramp enjoy spaghetti while making movie history.

Ok people, your wait is over. The votes are in, and it’s clear you feel that I haven’t made enough wacky analogies in this film review series. Well, I intend to fix that right now. Continue reading

Epic Disney Watchfest 9: 101 Dalmatians and Pocahontas: An Extraordinarily Extraordinary Review

So, if you missed Epic Disney Watchfest 8, I explained that Brazle and I plowed through four movies last Monday. I reviewed the first two in that piece, Sword in the Stone and The Lion King. Now, I’ll turn my attention to 101 Dalmatians and Pocahontas.

101 Dalmatians


101 Dalmatians in onederful.

101 Dalmatians is a very good animated film. Coming on the heels of Sleeping Beauty (which was unsuccessful at the box office, believe it or not), this was the last of the really classic Disney movies until the Disney Renaissance in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Of course, there are some other good movies between this and The Little Mermaid, but this work possesses a basic charm that was misplaced until Mermaid. Based on “The Hundred and One Dalmatians” by Dodie Smith, this movie tells the unlikely story of an evil woman named Cruella de Vil who dognaps ninety-nine dalmatian puppies in an effort to make a one-of-a-kind fur coat and the lengths to which one set of puppies’ parents (Pongo and Perdita) go to bring them all home. Yep, it’s an outlandish plot, but that kind of makes it awesome. The three things I like best about this movie are the story, animation and music. Continue reading