The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Catching Lightning In a Bottle Shaped Like a Tree In A Big Jungle Under A Dome

thehungergams-catchingfire-ukposterI’m inspired to write a review of the new Hunger Games movie. That should indicate something already regarding this box office monster. After burning myself out writing reviews of literally every single Disney hand-drawn animated movie ever (except one), I haven’t felt compelled to write anything about the 8-10 movies I’ve seen since. I did finally write a summer movie recap, but let’s be honest – that barely even counts. And I still haven’t written anything for Ender’s Game. Actually, I wondered recently if perhaps I was just bored of writing, burned out for good. Or maybe God was closing that door. Who knows? He could do that if He wants. But, turns out, none of those 8-10 movies were nearly as inspirational as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. This, my friends, is what movies should be.

I don’t feel like writing 2,000 words, so here are my top five thoughts.

    1. The music had an old school feel – The main thing my brain latched onto was the quasi-classic score. No one will mistake this for one of cinema’s greatest musical works, but there are moments when the music strikes a chord that harkens back to the good old Indiana Jones flicks (all three of them). I don’t remember exactly what made me think that, but I came away with a good feeling about the score. NOTE #1: Geez that little blurb sounds really vague. Consider my vagueness to be like Monet painting his impressions. I’m just here to give you the 30,000 feet bird’s-eye-view gist. And yes, I did just compare myself to one of the greatest painters ever. NOTE #2: I wonder what the literary equivalent to Jackson Pollock would be…. NOTE #3: Moving forward.

      Let's be honest - this painting reminds you of my writing, doesn't it?

      Let’s be honest – this painting reminds you of my writing, doesn’t it?

    2. Jennifer Lawrence – Her star is shooting higher and brighter than any actress I can think of recently. She’s in all these films with people like Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale and Amy Adams, and somehow she almost seems like she’s becoming a bigger star than them. Well, maybe not Christian Bale. But anyway, I wonder how she’s coping. I guess some people are just made for tremendous success, fame, worship and all the other trappings of show business. I hope she stays grounded. By the way, didn’t she just win an Academy Award or something? I’m not even going to look that up, but I’m pretty sure she did (for that movie with Bradley Cooper. What was that called? Silver Linings Playbook??). Yeah, she’s got it going on.
    3. Woody Harrelson – That dude makes movies better. I’m so glad to see him still doing stuff. He knows what he’s there for, and he delivers. I wonder how he interacts with the young-uns. And I wonder if he smokes a ton of pot while they’re filming. He should change his name to “Woody Smokes a Ton of Blunts”. I mean…
    4. Jennifer Lawrence is bigtime.

      Jennifer Lawrence is bigtime.

      Pacing – This film seemed really long, but it never felt boring. That’s tough to pull off. I think most people will find it to be an exciting, attention-holding film. The only thing is, there are a few parts where there’s too much lovey-dovey relationship stuff between Katniss and Peeta, but I guess love is cool and all that. And considering that the core demographic is likely to be pre-teen and teenage girls, I’m sure I would’ve included the exact same material. Speaking of pre-teen and teenage girls – hahaha there was a commercial prior to the movie for Nerf Rebelle, some series of Nerf guns designed for girls!! I don’t know why I find that funny.

    5. Stanley Tucci – In my review of the first Hunger Games movie, I mentioned that Stanley Tucci was one of my favorite parts. Guess what – he still is. That guy…. He has this ridiculous laugh that is just great. Actually, I’m surprised he did it. It seemed like a bit of a risky choice, but it really took his character’s vacuousness to another plane of specialness. It reminds me of this:

So there you go. Five great things about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I’m sure there’s a lot more to say or whatever, but I’d rather leave all that to you. I say everyone should see this film. It’s MUCH better than the first one, and it is a movie I actually want to see again. If not for the stupendously stupendous Pacific Rim, I think this would be my favorite movie this year. Actually, I’m only sort of kidding. I think in all seriousness this is my favorite movie so far this year, but Pacific Rim will always hold a special place in my heart. That special place, incidentally, is the same place where my love for collecting action figures lives. Whatever that means. So…..  Hunger Games!! Yeah!! Go see it.

Grant Stevens is a dude who likes to write, especially when he wants to. He started the ironically not-defunct Use Ironic Correctly Society, and he is really into apologetics. Though not an official Pulitzer winner yet, Grant is sure that his day is coming so soon. And he’s a musician! Good times!

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